Our Approach

Our Approach



Every story starts with a character. Be it a person, an idea, a product or a team, everything we do is aimed at getting to the soul of the subject through storytelling. We tailor our projects to uniquely represent that soul and its distinct qualities - some inspiring, some energizing, and some delightfully strange. In the age of the internet, nothing is hidden. We like to dig deep to discover the core of your story. This means our videos are authentic, full of heart, and most of all: timeless.

To do this best, we go in depth with our subjects. We get to know you, and through that understanding plan and design images, words, and music that help share your essence with the world.


Quantum Kitten is a team of award winning filmmakers who work in multiple genres and disciplines. During the production process, we use years of diverse experience and the best equipment available in the industry to create content that can stand out and reach audiences on every screen: from their smartphone to the cinema.

We are also transparent and clear about our workflow. And, with documentary style work, we are also flexible - understanding that part of the process is finding the story as we go along.




We don’t waste material. We are an eco-conscious creative outlet. This means that the material we put together is meant to be used in multiple ways that can be shared across various platforms in various lengths and styles.

From four days of shooting, we can create a documentary, an atmospheric short video to show the soul of the project, and short web videos to focus on specific products, locations, or people.

For examples, you can check out our pages dedicated to some of our clients, like Marco Maio, and Másak & Partner.