Marco Maio

Marco Maio

lights and vision

Marco is a Portuguese architect who has worked for years in Prague, developing multiple projects for a number of clients. to show his approach to the world, we have spent time with him as he works, we interviewed him about his process and his vision, and we have visited some of the most iconic places he worked on. With pictures and videos, we strived to encapsulate his style and his approach to work and life, so her can share it to even more people.


In order to give Marco an array of ways to present himself and his work, we have worked on a shorter, more atmospheric video, based on his academic presentations about light - this is meant to work as a teaser, especially suited for social media - and a longer, in depth documentary about his work, which is still short enough to work for the web. Working with him, we found the best balance between accessibility and detail, to create videos that truly represent the artist and their work.